Huzzah! Let’s do this!

Hey there internet. So good to see you again. How we’ve flirted together over the years. Me, catching up on Twitter while pushing a stroller one-handed up the hill to a toddler music class….. you notifying me that Aunt Lois and 6 others “Like” a photo of my darling daughter defacing my perfectly executed chalk drawing of a fish. Me, scanning Etsy for that perfect nursery alphabet poster…. you spoiling all the fun by alerting me of my current bank balance. Oh the good times we’ve had together.

Well, today, just days away from my three dozenth birthday, I am finally ready to go all in. That’s right internet. I am starting a blog.

What? WHY you ask? Does the world wide web really need another mommy blog? The answer is: I don’t know about the whole world, but this mommy sure does.

A couple of years ago, with the arrival of Baby E, my life made a sharp right turn into an HOV lane. And now, with Baby 2 arriving some time at the end of summer, the days and months seem to be rushing by at warp speed. I need a place to capture the little and big moments that otherwise might be lost in the shuffle. For prosperity. And, lord knows if I were to write it on paper, I would be swimming in little post its and notebooks.

On these pages I hope to:
– share some of my thoughts about life and parenting
– spotlight good finds and review some of my favorites
– assemble a “Mommy 101” low-down of what I’ve leaned so far as a first time and soon-to-be second time mom.

Basically, if you’ve been paying any attention, you may have already deduced that this might actually be a just a super elaborate way to de-clutter my desktop. Well, let’s see shall we?

Without further ado, please welcome “Your Dad’s Mustache: The Blog”.



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