Overachieving BRAT

This wouldn’t be a mommy blog without at least one post about poop. Right? Well, here it goes.

Over the last few months, a peculiar stomach bug has been making rounds in the neighborhood. One after another, nearly all of E’s pals began reporting similar symptoms. Make that just one symptom: less than stellar poops that last for days sometimes even weeks. Weeks people! Other than that, nothing else changes. No fever. No mood swings. No stomach ache. Just looser – neither-here-nor-there – poop (think stinky polenta).

Now it’s our turn and, on day three, we have turned to a modified BRAT diet to try and solidify things. You probably already know, traditional BRAT diet stands for Banana, Rice, Apple Sauce, and Toast. Since our situation was not as intense as it could be, we went with:

  • Banana: I’m not a fan of imitation banana flavor, so we stuck with the real thing.
  • Rice:  along with rice for lunch and dinner, E could have her fill of Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks Organic Original Flavor and Apple Flavored Happy Puffs.
  • Apple Sauce: instead of spoon feeding the apple sauce we used the GoGo SqueeZ AppleApple pouches. Plus, E loves having her afternoon pouch snack and this made the diet change seem less drastic. We did have to use two pouches to make up for the one she would normally have (she loves the Gerber’s Organic Pear & Spinach puree for example).
  • Toast: don’t judge, but we don’t have a toaster. We just never used it enough in the past and opted to have more counter space instead. I guess that makes ours more of a BRA diet.
  • Veggies: we kept a small amount of veggies as part of E’s lunch and dinner (a small side of peas, or green beans). Something she enjoys and tolerates well.
  • Dairy & other: Although, I think you are suppose to cut out as much dairy as possible during this time*, we opted to keep milk as part of E’s diet. I did cut back the amount slightly – from three bottles to two – and supplemented one of the bottles with Culturelle Kids! Probiotics. We also stuck to E’s normal breakfast regiment of oatmeal and yogurt (probiotics galore).

The good news is that it worked! The not-so-great news is that it may have worked a little too well. We went from 3 frantic poops a day, to zero. Yup. Complete radio silence in the potty. Mind you E was still happy as ever, but I was beginning to get nervous. Over-correct much, mom? Yeiks! Anxious to get things moving again, we cut back on the plain rice, adding back in other grains like wheat pasta, and began to once again vary the snack pouches (nothing too sweet).

Thankfully, I am happy to report that after roughly 36 hours of poop drought, we are back in business. Is it business as usual? Not just yet. But, definitely an improvement (think fresh playdough). Now we can only hope for the bug to run it’s course quickly. I never though I’d be so eager to hear the sound of tiny poop pellets hitting the potty bowl.

Fingers crossed!

*I did mention I’m not a doctor, right? :).

UPDATE: After 7 days, I am happy to report a stellar poop jackpot in the potty. Clink, clink, clink….

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