Yeiks! Is your Smartphone Camera Geo-Tagging your Photos?

CellLocationDid you know that, even if you have other GPS/Location settings turned off, your smartphone camera could still be geo-tagging your snapshots?

What does that mean? Prepare to be terrified and want to burn your Facebook account. That means that, with a bit of basic tech know-how, anyone can figure out exactly when and where the picture was taken. As in, little-pinhead-on-a-map “where”. Mind blown!

So glad that an amazing mama blogger, Sarah Kate Levy of, sounded the alarm about this GPS loophole. Please check out her post – Parents, Beware! Your Cellphone Pix Know What You Did Last Summer. (And Where!) – to get the full scoop (including a news story covering the basics). And, after you’ve uncurled yourself from the fetal position, make sure to double check your cell phone camera settings.

And, don’t forget to tell the in-laws!

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