Happy 4th of July!

E’s super friend W – a 2-year-old boy genius – took this photo earlier today. “Runing”! Happy Independence Day! K+E+Hubby.

Candid Chatter: Armpit.

For the last few days, E has been really focused on learning names for different body parts: elbows, knees, neck, feet, etc. Today, when waking up from her nap, she pointed to my armpit. E:┬áMama’s armpit. ME: That’s right, that’s mama’s armpit! E: [sticks out her tongue] Bleh! How delightful!

Huzzah! Let’s do this!

Hey there internet. So good to see you again. How we’ve flirted together over the years. Me, catching up on Twitter while pushing a stroller one-handed up the hill to a toddler music class….. you notifying me that Aunt Lois and 6 others “Like” a photo of my darling daughter defacing my perfectly executed chalk…